Branding – Mrs Hyde

A particularly enjoyable branding project to work on. Mrs Hyde produces handmade, quality leather goods. A modern company but with its roots firmly embedded in the traditional processes of leather work.

My job was to design an eye-catching logo that reflected the first-rate quality, and handcrafted nature of the products.

After an initial consultation, I came up with several designs… all in the right ball-park, but route one in particular stood out to the owner as she especially liked the combination of the letter H with the stitch.

A few rounds later and we were there, a bold lettermark logo, which works great as a stamp, and equally sharp on the label.

Testimonial – Mandie, Mrs Hyde

I set Steven the brief of creating my business logo.  Using traditional techniques, I create hand stitched leather goods in a contemporary style. As such my logo needed to convey an image that encompassed both the traditional and the modern. 

If that wasn't hard enough; I wanted a logo that would look good if it was viewed upside down or back to front. The reason being that when the label is placed on a bag, belt, wallet or custom item, it may be viewed from any angle by a potential customer. 

Steven set about this unenviable task with great enthusiasm. His initial eight designs were varied and creative. Settling on one, he took time to develop it into something that makes a great brand for my business. 

Steven is a very talented and highly professional designer: I would highly recommend his services and hope that his business grows from strength to strength.